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70 Things to do in Diani | Find out What Makes Diani Beach a Top Global Destination

Diani is located 30 kilometers south of Mombasa. The Beach in Diani is must visit for anyone looking to unwind and relax. Diani offers a balance of high-energy activities and luxury relaxation. Book a stay at Diani Beach today.

1. Swim in the Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is vast and spans many countries. The ocean is turquoise and clean. Diani Beach offers incredible views and access to the ocean. Have a swim in the ocean while at Diani.

2. Walk & Explore the Beach

The beach in Diani gives you a chance to connect with the earth and find your inner peace. On your visit to Diani have a walk at the beach preferably bare feet. Embrace the water of the ocean flowing gently over your feet.

3. Visiting Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest

Kaya Kinodo Sacred Forest is one of the last remaining patches of coastal rainforest. This place is endowed with a variety of tree species, some as old as 1000 years.

4. Spa by the Ocean

In the spirit of relaxation, spas in Diani offer an amazing chance to get massaged, alleviate stress and rejuvenate your body.

5. Explore Bora Bora Nature Trail

Bora Bora Nature Trail is home to various plant life and exotic trees. The nature trail is full of birds and butterflies.

6. Shop at Various Shopping Centers

Diani Beach offers a variety of places to shop including malls, supermarkets, and various shops.

7. Kite Surfing

The Indian Ocean especially at Diani Beach is perfect for kite surfing. Everything from the weather, ocean currents and wind speeds offers a water playground like no other.

8. Sky Diving

The sky in Diani Beach is clear and an amazing place for thrill seekers to experience.

9. Whale Watching

The Indian Ocean is full of incredible animals. Visit the ocean to watch whales surfacing in order to breathe.

10. Snorkeling

Snorkeling expeditions give you a chance to explore the ocean and even swim with turtles. The ocean is very beautiful and clear.

11. Scuba Diving

For experienced divers looking to explore more of the ocean we highly encourage them to scuba dive in the Indian Ocean.

12. Swimming with Dolphins

Dolphins can be spotted around various Islands and places near Diani Beach. Dolphins are friendly animals and love human interaction. A trip to Diani Beach provides a chance to swim with Dolphins.

13. Surfing

The waves in the Indian Ocean at Diani are gentle yet they still offer a chance to surf.

14. Boat Tours

Kenya’s South Coast where Diani is located has amazing scenery. Boat tours along the shores give you access to one of the most beautiful coastal places in the world.

15. Observe Aquatic life

The Indian Ocean offers rich biodiversity. Explore various marine centers across Diani and the Kenyan Coast.

16. Deep-Sea Fishing

Deep-sea fishing in the Indian Ocean provides a chance to get some incredible catches. The variety of sport fish to catch in Diani waters include Marlin (striped, black, and blue), Sailfish, Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo, Barracuda, Giant Trevally, and Kingfish.

17. Wind Surfing

The wind speeds in the Indian Ocean make it possible to have great surfing experiences.

18. ATV Off-road Driving

Adrenaline junkies have many activities to choose from in Diani Beach. All-Terrain Vehicles are available for driving in various places in and around Diani.

19. Visit Funzi Island

Funzi Island is a small island where the Shirazi tribe members reside. The island is covered with mangroves. Canoeing and touring the island one can observe birdlife and a lot more.

20. Lying on a Sun-Bed at the Beach

After a long day of beach activities, you can lie on a sun bed as you watch the ocean waves rocking back and forth.

21. Jet Skiing

Exploring the ocean and shores of Diani Beach on a jet ski is a fun adrenaline rush activity.

22. Eating Seafood

Seafood directly from the ocean is always an incredible choice.

23. Colobus Monkey Conservation

Colobus Conservation is a not-for-profit organization designed to promote the conservation, preservation, and protection of Colobus Monkeys in Diani. You can participate in colobus monkey conservation while in Diani.

24. Camel Riding

Riding a Camel on the beach as the sun sets and the ocean waves rock the ground below you gently is Quite an experience. Camels are powerful yet gentle animals. They can walk long distances as the weather gets warmer while still ferrying you on their backs.

25. Skim Boarding

Feel the wind as you glide across the water's surface. Skimboarding enables you to break and ride waves from the ocean and back to the shore.

26. Visit Kongo Mosque

Kongo Mosque is Diani’s last surviving relic from the 16th century. It is one of a group of coral mosques still in use on the Kenyan Coast. This place has stood the test of time and it stands as a symbol of traditional coastal architecture in Diani.

27. Explore Nearby Coastal Towns

Diani Beach and its environs provide incredible locations and towns to explore and experience different activities.

28. Visit Maasai Village

Visit Maasai Village during your stay in Diani to interact with the world-famous Maasai. This place offers a chance to interact with real Maasai tribesmen living true to their culture. This is a chance to experience the Maasai on the Kenyan Coast.

29. Waterskiing

If you would like to take part in an activity that will engage your full body then look no further than waterskiing in Diani.

30. Horse Riding

Diani Beach offers a chance to ride purebred horses along the shores of the Indian Ocean. Race through the ocean tides as you make memories in this magical place.

31. Experience Diani Nightlife

There are various clubs that attract both local people as well as foreigners to Diani. The diversity of cultures creates unique nightlife experiences in Diani Beach.

32. Visit Wasini Island

Wasini Island spans approximately 7 kilometers long and 3 kilometers across. When visiting the island you can spot bottlenose dolphins, turtles, humpback whales, and a lot more.

33. Playing Golf

Experience a round of golf on the international 18-hole golf course overlooking the Indian Ocean at The leisure Beach and Golf Resort.

34. Stand up Paddleboarding

Stand-up paddle boarding in Diani Beach enables you to traverse the Indian Ocean shores while standing to get a better view of the area.

35. Yacht Cruise

Yacht cruises on the Indian Ocean are perfect for travelers looking for exclusivity and luxury.

36. Experience Kenyan Coastal Culture

Diani Beach boasts a vibrant culture drawn from the different communities. The Diani culture is best experienced by visiting different spaces in Diani, partaking in coastal activities, interacting with the locals, and eating the coastal food.

37. Visit Kisite Mpunguti Marini Park

This magical place lies in the coral gardens south of Wasini Island. Kisite Mpunguti is one of the most rewarding places for snorkeling. This location is managed by Kenya Wildlife Service.

38. Visit Shimba Hills National Reserve

Shimba Hills National Reserve is a coastal rainforest full of woodland and grassland. This place is home to Sable Antelopes, Leopards, Elephants, various kinds of Monkeys, and more.

39. Dhow Experience

You can enjoy a meal while viewing the different sights of the ocean right on a dhow. Such an experience gets you in touch with the traditional culture and heritage of coastal dwellers.

40. Book an Affordable Luxury Stay

Traveling and staying in Diani doesn’t have to break the bank. Start your trip by booking an affordable luxury stay.

41. Take Pictures

Diani Beach is very picturesque and an ideal location to take pictures that are conversation starters.

42. Glass-Bottom Boat Trips

To experience ocean life glass-bottom boat trips give you a chance to see various kinds of fish in the ocean without having to dive into the ocean.

43. Tour Diani Town

The town of Diani is generally small but still packed with activities and various places to visit. Tour the town and find out what makes this hidden gem special.

44. Sailing

Various sailing trips are carried out in Diani every day. The Indian Ocean is an amazing place for both informative sailing trips and relaxing sailing trips.

45. Body Boarding

Bodyboarding on the Indian Ocean enables you to ride a wave while lying on a board. It’s a very accessible way of surfing since it enables you to enjoy the power of the waves with no stress of having to stand up.

46. Mountain Biking

The area around Diani offers vast dirt road networks and areas to ride mountain bikes on.

47. Visit Diani Art Gallery

Art lovers looking for something special that embodies the culture and heritage of the Kenyan Coast can visit Diani Art Gallery.

48. Feed Bush Babies

Stilts Backpackers offers a chance to interact with Bush Babies that rest among their trees. If you would like to experience these animals and even feed them you can visit this place at 7 pm which is their feeding time.

49. Dine at the Beach

The Beach in Diani can be set up for candle-lit dinners. This is especially good for honeymooners and romantic travelers.

50. Spend Quality Family Time

A family trip to Diani is a chance to foster good connections and strong family bonds. You can book a family suite that provides privacy, space, and luxury and spend quality time with your family.

51. View the Sunsets

Diani Beach offers incredible views of the ocean and they get more spectacular as the sun sets.

52. Have a Coconut Drink

In the spirit of embracing the coastal land and its natural resources, you can have a drink of various coconut drinks like ‘Madafu’.

53. Take a Tuk-Tuk Ride

Exploring the town of Diani can be done using various means including ride-hailing services like Uber. A fun way to get around is using three-wheeled vehicles called Tuk-Tuks which are readily available.

54. Talk to Diani Locals

Diani Beach is built on a culture of hospitality and the locals in the area are very friendly. Say Hi!

55. Have a Cold Drink

The weather at the Kenyan South Coast may get warm during the day and a cold drink of your choice will make your experience just that much better.

56. Experience Local Shows & Festivals

Festivals like Tandawazi Festival in Diani offer culture, heritage, and more for people to experience and learn from.

57. Visit Marine Education Centre

Visit Marine Education Centre in Diani to learn more about Kenya’s vast marine life and the importance of marine conservation.

58. Explore Various Restaurants

The restaurants in Diani Beach are unique, and fun and offer various kinds of cuisines.

59. Dive & Swim amidst Coral Reefs

The underwater ecosystem in the Indian Ocean boasts a lot of coral reefs. Swimming amidst coral reefs in Diani is a breathtaking experience.

60. Visit Chale Island

Chale Island is known as a sacred Kaya. Centuries ago, this place would have been used by local tribesmen to communicate with their ancestors. This place is full of greenery and white sand and is a must-visit for explorers visiting Diani.

61. Explore Coastal Forests

There are various forests in and around Diani which are full of trees, nature, and animal life. Places like Shimba Hills, Kaya Kinondo, and other forests offer breathtaking landscapes, water ponds, and much more.

62. Embrace the White Sand

The sand in Diani Beach is powder white and clean. It is gentle to the touch and amazing to walk on.

63. Purchase Some Souvenirs

From Curio shops to African-inspired garment shops and various kinds of gift shops, Diani Beach provides a chance to acquire, keep and gift your loved ones a wide variety of souvenirs.

64. Watersports Training

H2O Extreme call Diani Beach their home and they boast years of experience in facilitating both water sports experiences and training at all levels.

65. Relax

Diani’s theme centers on relaxation and this place is the ultimate beach-life destination for people looking to relax.

66. Hiking

Africa boasts unique topography with various inclines, declines, and natural formations. Diani being a coastal town at sea level still offers places with good hiking spots.

67. Try Locally-Sourced Exotic Dishes

The Kenyan Coast has a rich food culture inspired by Arabian cuisine and traditional African cuisines. While at Diani, try to have some of the locally–sourced exotic dishes.

68. Sand-Bank Excursions

When the tide is low various sand banks are naturally formed in the ocean. Such places are fun to experience when timed well.

69. Environmental Conservancy

The locals in Diani in collaboration with various organizations take part in conservation measures to better the natural environment of the Kenyan South Coast. You are able to participate in some of these conservation practices.

70. Yoga at the Beach

Yoga offers numerous health benefits besides calming the mind, body, and soul. Experience Yoga at the beach in Diani and connect with your inner self.

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