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Diani Beach Kite-Surfing | Experience Water Sports the H20 Way

Water Sports Culture at Diani Beach

Traveling to Diani is all about creating lifelong experiences. One of the ways to do this is by engaging in water sports in the Indian Ocean. Water sports are a major part of what the Diani experience offers. Travelers who engage in water sports at Diani Beach speak about experiencing a thrill like no other.

Kite-surfing in the Indian Ocean

‘Brilliant Africa’ described Diani Beach as one of the greatest watersports destinations in East Africa. Many travelers flock to the coast of Kenya and more specifically Diani Beach to experience watersports. At whatever skill level, guests are assured to find something to experience on the Indian Ocean in Diani.

The weather on the Kenyan Coast is perfect for water sports, specifically, it's very ideal for kite-surfing. The Diani Beach weather provides an all-year-round tropical and warm temperature. Average wind speeds of around 15-20 knots are very reliable for maneuvering the kite on the ocean.

The Indian Ocean offers an amazing space for many water sports including surfing, kayaking paddling, and Kite-surfing.

H2O Extreme at Diani Beach

H2O Extreme is the leading water sports center in Kenya offering kite-surfing, windsurfing, stand-up paddling, surfing, kayaking, body boarding and skim boarding. H2O Extreme calls Diani Beach their home and they boast many years of experience in facilitating both water sports experiences and training.

Affiliated with the (I.K.O.) International Kiteboarding Organization H20 Extreme, was started in 2003 as the first kiteboarding school on Kenya’s South Coast. 20 years later it has risen to become the country’s leading water sports and kite-surfing center. H2O Extreme offers world-class water sports teaching and safety standards. All their instructors are I.K.O. certified (level 1 at minimum) with several seasons of water sports work experience under their belt.

H2O Extreme offers kite-surfing lessons at different levels. Participants in the kite-surfing training course are awarded personal V cards in respect to the course a participant has completed. The V card is the official kiteboarding certification recognized by the I.K.O. community in more than 60 countries all over the world.

The company also offers watersport equipment rentals and repairs for more experienced kite surfers. Using the latest in water sports technology and gear H2O Extreme offers a wide selection of kite-surfing equipment for independent riders.

The kite-surfing equipment is outsourced from reputable brands like Ozone Kites, Crazyfly & Lieuwe. Additional gear such as boards impact vests, helmets, and more are outsourced from brands like Prolimit. This selection of gear makes H2O Extreme’s kite-surfing center to have the largest equipment selection along the Kenyan Coast.

H2O Extreme and Blue Marlin Beach Hotel

In our goal of creating better experiences and activities for travelers in Diani Beach, we have partnered up with H2O Extreme to bring the world of water sports to Blue Marlin Beach Hotel. We are both leaders in our fields, as we offer world-class affordable luxury accommodation while H20 Extreme leads the water sports movement in Kenya. Thanks to our association, Blue Marlin Beach Hotel will now be able to add world-class kite-surfing and other water sports under our belt of amenities.

Both enthusiasts and water sports newbies will be able to experience and have fun in the water courtesy of our partnership with H2O Extreme.

As Blue Marlin Beach Hotel we are glad to host H2O extreme at our premises. This association is set to revamp our current selection of water activities and take them to a whole new level. We highly welcome both newbies and water sports enthusiasts to our hotel. Book your stay with us today.


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