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Shopping in Diani Beach | Handmade Souvenirs You Need

There is a handmade silver bracelet adorned with ethical gemstones mined from Kenya, a pure cotton sarong with the most vibrant colors and hand-crafted ceramic beads that all come from the very same place. Welcome to Diani beach, where sentimental handmade crafts are made, sold and shipped around the world.

Whether to gift someone or to adorn your fireplace at home, these are the Diani beach souvenirs you need to buy.

1. For the love of jewelry

Tribearth boutique is a mandatory stop for anyone visiting Diani. From glamorous designs to subtle jewelry, ethical gemstones to custom made orders, find a piece that suits your personality the most. At the back of the jewelry boutique and vegan cafe lies their eco-friendly green workshop. Working with different metal disciplines from brass to silver and gold, they infuse elements of art, organic forms, history, healing, and love into each piece they curate. They also have worldwide shipping.

Mbuyuni Diani Beach Rd, Diani Beach, Kenya

T: +254 706 030625;

2. Kikoy surprise

The Japanese have their wraps. The Malays have their sarongs. But the East African coast has its Kikoy (also known as kikoi) and no one in Diani who understands the ethos of kikoy like The Kikoy Co. at Diani Shopping Centre. They have developed a range of Kikoys that encompass the origin of the Kikoy combined with the rationale for clothing of today: comfort, style and innovation to suit the young, the young at heart and the old as well.

Diani Beach Shopping Centre, Diani Beach Rd, Diani Beach, Kenya

T: 040-3202650;

3. Wood crafts

Check out the stalls along Diani Beach Road. Think of the big five animals all curved from different wood types ‑ where else can you find that combination? If you are on the beach, you can grab some handmade bead works from the Maasai and other wood and bead shops along the beach.

4. Zanzara Boutique

Mombasa might be an hour drive away from Diani, but Zanzara Boutique in Diani cuts off the hustle of driving into Mombasa to pick up a souvenir. Stocking handmade wooden cutlery and hand-printed textiles among other items from Mombasa, grab your shopping cart and get picking.

Bahari Plaza Shopping Center, Diani Beach Rd, Diani Beach, Kenya.

+ 254 (0)40 320 2360;

5. Baby wraps and slings

Totoslings & Things Diani make super soft and breathable cotton kikoy baby wraps and slings, handmade to keep the baby snug and cozy. Parents and caregivers can custom order to ensure they find the proper and supportive fit. They currently ship to the UK from Diani.

T: 0762 550799

6. Diani Flea Market

Every first Saturday of the month, weekend shoppers tuck into Diani Beach Shopping Centre for the open-air market, Diani Soko. Locals and tourists are spoiled with a wide variety of jewelry, arts and crafts, handmade toys, apparel, glassware, and more! Nomad Beach Bar Christmas and Craft Fairs are also a must attend if you are ever in Diani beach.

Diani Beach Shopping Centre, Diani Beach Rd, Diani Beach, Kenya

E: T:0740 232777

Finally... Shop and Stay at a Boutique Hotel on the beach

Blue Marlin Beach Hotel is set to open its own in-house shop and boutique offering guests and shoppers a unique experience. Shoppers can have the perfect chance to pop in and afterwards head down to the beach restaurant to grab a meal or a drink. Blue Marlin offers rooms and suites that all face the Indian Ocean, some being as close as 30 meters to the ocean.

Plan your stay and book with us today.

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