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11 Essentials to Pack on Your Trip to Diani

Traveling to Diani is something that everyone should experience at least a few times. So many things have been said about Diani Beach from the cleanliness to the iconic views of the Indian Ocean. Diani Beach is considered one of the best travel locations globally and experiencing this part of the world has been known to create lifelong experiences.

Diani is located on the South Coast of Kenya and it attracts people from different parts of the world looking to get new experiences and relax. Diani Beach is easily accessible from any part of Kenya which enables trips from the nearby Mombasa city and Kenya’s capital city Nairobi.

That said when planning a trip to Diani there are some essential items that we recommend you pack and carry. These items enable you to experience the beach in Diani as it is meant to be experienced. From items that will you need to engage in ocean activities, to items that will make your experience more relaxing, we present to you a list of 11 items that we believe are essential in experiencing the Diani Beach life.

1. Swimming Costumes/Gear

The main reason behind Diani’s claim to fame is the beach right along the Indian Ocean. As a traveler heading to Diani, this should be one of Diani's offerings that you should look forward to. The beach and the ocean are clean, transparent, and turquoise in color. At Diani Beach having the right swimming costume enables you to experience the ocean and create memories.

2. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is essential in shielding you from the sun while still having the time of your life at Diani Beach. Pack and use sunscreen that fits well with your skin type and experience Diani.

3. Beach Blanket & Towels

After swimming, you may want to sit and relax by the beach. You’ll need towels to dry your body and a beach blanket to sit on the ground while you observe the ocean gently rocking back and forth on the beach.

4. Sunglasses & Hats

The weather at Diani favors a lot of beach activities. It may get warmer during the day, especially at midday and we recommend, carrying something that will shield you from the sun during such times. It is important to book a stay at a place offering shaded sunbeds when it gets warm.

5. Beach Wear

Aside from the swimming costumes that you use while swimming, you will need clothes that you can wear while walking on the beach and around the town of Diani. We recommend you pack light-colored, loose-fitting clothes that allow you free movement and constant cooling of your body. This will make your experience just that much better.

6. Sandals

A lot of people love walking bare feet on the beach and we recommend you to do this as well. That said, it’s still essential to pack a good pair of Sandals to walk around other places in.

7. A Camera

Diani Beach is known to be very picturesque and a couple of photos to document your experience at Diani will enable you to relive the experience later. You can use your mobile phone camera as well as most handheld devices currently take good pictures.

8. Power Bank

You may carry your phone, camera, or different electronic devices that may lose power after a long day at the beach. Packing a reliable power bank will enable you to charge your devices right at the beach without having to go back to your hotel room.

9. Backpack

One essential item that we recommend you carry in order to carry your other essential items is a backpack. You can use the backpack to carry souvenir items that you acquire in Diani as well.

10. Waterproof Cases

Considering the amount of time you will spend at the beach we suggest you pack waterproof cases that protect your devices from being waterlogged.

11. Reusable Water Bottles

At Diani Beach, especially during the day when it gets warmer, you will need some water to drink. Having a reusable water bottle helps to carry around some drinking water to quench your thirst during these moments.

As important as the essentials are to carry when traveling to Diani. The town of Diani offers different shopping centers and places where you can buy any of the above items. Planning a trip to Diani is as easy as booking right away.


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