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At the South of the Kenyan Coast Lies Diani | The Ultimate Beach-life Destination

Many visitors are usually surprised by both the rich cultural heritage of the Coastal dwellers in Diani as well as their kindness and hospitality. This location is amazing for various reasons and it keeps on attracting thousands of visitors from all over the world each year.

Diani History

A little-known fact about Diani Beach, on the South Coast of Kenya, is that this location is believed by many to be the origin of civilization in East Africa. Historians date civilization in and around Diani to as far back as the 8th Century AD. Fossils and archeological evidence suggest a vibrant and thriving community of early civilization existed back then.

The continent of Africa in general has a rich cultural heritage and background. A lot of customs in the continent are still held in high regard and practiced up to date in different places.

From as far back as the 9th Century, Indian & Arab visitors to the Kenyan Coast and more specifically Diani started interacting with the local population in Diani. A lot of this interaction inspired intermarriages, exchanges in culture, and a new breed of settlers in Diani.

Diani at the Moment

Over the last few decades, the small town of Diani has blossomed to become one of the greatest tourist destinations in the world. Today, Diani Beach is considered to be one of the best beach destinations in the world. Full of amazing beaches, incredible aquatic life, a welcoming population, and more, Diani now takes charge of being a top global destination for luxury relaxation, and peace.

Where is Diani Located

Diani is located on the South Coast of Kenya along the Indian Ocean, about 30km south of Mombasa.

How to Get To Diani

Getting to Diani is fairly easy, as it’s accessible by sea, air, and land. Depending on where you are while trying to get to Diani, Flying in might be the fastest means. As a Guest, you can easily fly in from cities like Mombasa and Nairobi. Many airlines curate flight trips to and from Ukunda every single day from where you easily access Diani Beach.

From Mombasa, driving or being driven to the South Coast is also an option. During the trip, you may use a ferry at Likoni which only takes between 5 to 10 minutes. Taxis and Ride-hailing services like Uber are also readily available for use when getting to Diani.

Getting to Diani by sea is by far the least common way used to access Diani. Most of the travelers who access Diani through the ocean travel by boats and yachts from places like Zanzibar. Private boats from Mombasa can also access the beach in Diani.

Once you get to Diani book a stay at an incredible spot and experience what Diani offers.

What Makes Diani Special?

A lot of what makes Diani Special is the spirit of the town. People have been known to experience peace and true relaxation during a vacation in Diani. Describing the Diani experience in words is a disservice to what this magical place actually is.

Diani Beach is more than a beach. Diani is all about the experience that many people dream of, yet very few actually experience.


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