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20 Reasons Why Everyone Should Experience “The Magical Diani”

1. Exclusivity

Despite Diani Beach attracting thousands of visitors each year it still remains a very exclusive place to stay and experience. Due to various activities and amenities found in Diani Beach, many travel guests are able to engage in different things at different times. Unlike other places, Diani Beach never gets crowded. Affordable luxury stays are always available, and exclusivity is always experienced when visiting Diani Beach.

2. Ocean Views

Ranked as one of the best, if not the very best beach in the world, Diani Beach stands out for the incredible ocean views experienced.

The water of the Indian Ocean is mostly a transparent blue and turquoise color. The water flows gently into the beach and right back into the ocean.

3. Swimming with Dolphins

Dolphins can be spotted in different parts of the Indian Ocean. In Diani, bottlenose dolphins can be spotted every so often when they come to the surface to breathe. A visit to the nearby village of Shimoni and Wasini Island can enable you to experience these beautiful creatures.

4. Observation of Aquatic life

Near Diani Beach are prime locations for observing aquatic life including diving sections and marine parks in the ocean. Here, you can experience and observe a wide variety of fish and coral.

5. Snorkeling

The Indian Ocean waters around Diani Beach are usually warm and clear with good visibility. Snorkeling creates an amazing opportunity to explore the shallow areas of the Indian Ocean. There are several diving spots for snorkeling at Diani Beach.

6. Water Sports

Diani Beach offers water sports such as jet skiing, kite-surfing, windsurfing, stand-up paddling, surfing, kayaking, body boarding, skimboarding, and more.

7. Coastal Cuisine

Diani Beach offers one of the world’s greatest menu selections. From Arabian-inspired coastal cuisine to African ingredients selections, seafood, and more. Diani Beach is indeed a foodie’s haven.

8. Luxury Accommodation

Diani Beach offers luxury stays with spacious rooms and beachfront ocean views. Experience our selection of elegant rooms, all prepared for your relaxation.

9. Diani Sunsets

The sunsets at Diani are something to marvel at. The beauty of the ocean, the silhouette of the palm trees, and the sunset define what true beauty is.

10. Perfect Vacation Weather

The Diani Beach weather provides an all-year-round tropical and warm temperature. This is one of the major reasons why Diani Beach attracts many visitors from different parts of the world

11. World-Class Hospitality

The town of Diani is built on hospitality. This makes care for visitors to be is a number one priority. It is without question that Diani visitors would experience family-friendly spaces, respectful locals, access to international standard amenities, and more.

12. Clean Beaches & White Sand

The South Coast of Kenya, more specifically Diani Beach on the Indian Ocean is popular for many things including its turquoise waters, water sporting activities as well as white sandy beaches. Diani Beach offers an expansive stretch of over 20km of white sand along the Indian Ocean.

This location is praised for the cleanliness of the beaches and the powder white sand. Many travelers walk, play, and engage in various activities right on the Sand

13. Nightlife

Many people are not aware of what Diani offers in terms of nightlife experiences and spaces. There are various clubs that attract both local people as well as foreigners. The diversity of culture creates unique nightlife experiences in Diani.

14. Relaxation & Peace

The ideal visitor that travels to Diani Beach seeks peace of mind and relaxation. The entire Diani experience revolves around creating an environment that breeds relaxation and peace. Book your stay and experience this peace and relaxation.

15. Coastal Weather

The Diani Beach weather provides an all-year-round tropical and warm temperature. This weather is perfect for both ocean activities and the overall Diani Experience.

16. Nearby Expeditions

In and around Diani exists several places, that you can visit and experience more of what Diani offers. Places like Kongo Mosque (an ancient historical structure), Shimoni Caves, and Chale Island are perfect for visiting and experiencing the coastal culture of Diani

17. Accessibility of Diani

Accessible by road, air, and sea Diani Beach is fairly easy to get to from any part of Kenya, and thus any part of the world. Many airlines create specific flight packages to and from Diani making it very easy to travel in and out of the town.

18. Availability of Both Modern Shopping Centers and Coastal Inspired Souvenir Shops

Both modern and souvenir shops are available in Diani. Diani Beach offers shopping centers and markets with a number of beautiful items such as locally made crafts, art pieces, and clothes among others.

19. Experiencing Coastal Culture

Diani Beach boasts a vibrant culture drawn from the different communities. The Diani culture is the best experience by visiting different spaces in Diani, partaking in coastal activities, interacting with the locals, and eating the coastal food.

20. Affordable Stays

Luxury accommodation doesn’t have to break the bank. Experience the Indian Ocean, white sand, incredible food, water sports, and more all for reasonably good prices. Diani Beach is a magical place that everybody should experience at some point.


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