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Diani Beach Travel Guide | Experience What Makes Diani Beach “The Best Beach in the World”

Where is Diani Beach?

Diani Beach has consistently been awarded as one of the best beach destinations in Africa and the world by various publications and travel organizations. Diani Beach is often used as the collective term for a group of interconnected beaches on the South Coast of Mombasa. The main two beaches are Diani and Galu Beach. Diani Beach is located 30 kilometers south of Mombasa, in Kwale County. Diani provides a beautiful strip of white sandy beaches, views of clean turquoise ocean water, and incredible beachfront hotels and resorts that cater to guests that demand the highest quality in accommodation.

The beach in Diani lies on a long stretch of land along the Indian Ocean. Diani is a spectacular location for beach holidays and it feels like the truest form of what tropical vacations should be like.

This location is popular for business leaders looking to unwind, families looking to spend quality time and bond, honeymooners, and people looking for something special in beach accommodation.

Traveling to Diani is fairly easy as it’s accessible by sea, air, and land. Thousands of travelers visit Diani every year and transportation is facilitated by various options including reliable tour companies, ride-hailing apps, and airlines operating and flying up to the nearby Ukunda airstrip from cities like Nairobi and Mombasa including even flights from smaller towns like Malindi.

The town of Diani is built of hospitality and the tourist ecosystem creates an ideal place to stay for anyone from any part of the world. Diani is clean, safe, and well-maintained. This place provides different options for accommodations including boutique hotels with Seaview beachfront suites.

Diani Beach extends along the Indian Ocean coast in Kenya and it is a spectacular location for a beach holiday in Kenya. It has a magnificent background of forests with the sounds of birds chirping.

A factor that makes Diani really special is the exclusive feeling that guests in Diani experience. Despite a good number of travelers visiting this place at any time of the year, Diani still maintains an exclusive feel. Various good hotels, restaurants, and beach activities in Diani offer many activities that enable the visitors to enjoy whatever preference they have in addition to making the place less crowded.

What to do at Diani

Diani offers many experiences that favor both thrill seekers and vacationers looking for the ultimate experience in relaxation and luxury. For thrill-seekers, skydiving in Diani would be an amazing experience. As beautiful as Diani Beach is it’s a whole different experience observing it from the skies. Other opportunities for thrill seekers include water sports like Kite-surfing, jet skiing, and more.

For travelers looking to experience the finest in luxury accommodation, it is essential to book a stay at a hotel that offers access and a good view of the ocean, amazing service, beach sunbeds, good seafood, spas, and more.

Little Known things about Diani

Thanks to the warm waters of the ocean, good currents plus beautiful coral reefs, Diani is one of the best places to experience aquatic life with thriving marine biodiversity.

The weather, exclusivity of Diani, friendliness of the locals, and more make Diani the perfect location for vibrant nightlife. The town offers several nightclubs offering Kenyan brewed beer among other drinks, good food, and music.

Aside from the white sand and the ocean, Diani also provides an opportunity to experience greenery and wildlife. Diani Beach is a gorgeous setting for a beach vacation whilst offering a backdrop of forests echoed with monkey chatter.

Is Diani Beach the Best Beach in the World?

Many people consider the beach in Diani overlooking the Indian Ocean to be the best beach in the world. This fact in itself is highly debatable as there are many factors as to what makes a good beach and different people have vastly different preferences as to what they like and don’t like about certain beaches. Some of the factors that make a beach good are the weather, cleanliness, ocean views, accessibility, ocean life, and sand just to mention a few.

When all is said and done, the best beach in the world is all a matter of preference and taste. If you prefer an accessible location with white sand, world-class accommodation, clean beaches, warm weather, breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean, incredible seafood, and more then Diani is the perfect destination for you to travel to.

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