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Palm Trees of Diani Beach | The Silhouette of Luxury Accommodation

Diani Beach lies on a beautiful stretch of land on the Kenyan Coast a few kilometers south of Mombasa. This place is filled with palm trees for miles on end. The palm trees define the silhouette of the Kenyan Coast and create the feeling of luxury that Diani is known for.

Palm trees are unbranched evergreen trees with a crown of very long feathered or fan-shaped leaves that exist in tropical and warm regions. They typically have a straight, tall trunk and many large leaves at the top of the trunk. To people living in tropical areas of the world like Diani Beach, the coconut palm is known as the “tree of life,” and has been an important source of food, clothing, and shelter for many years and centuries before.

Palm trees grow differently all over Diani. Some palm stems are erect and solitary or clustered, but some grow horizontally, while others grow below the surface of the soil and produce their crown at ground level, while others develop high-climbing vines.

Why are there palm trees in Diani?

The climatic conditions of the Kenyan Coast are not well-known for their ability to provide an evergreen scenery full of trees and forests. That said, palm trees grow very differently from other plants and are well adapted to grow and thrive in the coastal soil. Palm trees can survive and grow through coarse sand on the Kenyan Coast specifically in Diani. This has now become a natural habitat for palm trees.

Palm trees are generally hardy plants as they tolerate saline and infertile soils. They are capable of growing in both dry and wet areas in great concentration.

Use of Palm Trees

Most people think of coconuts when they hear of palm trees. This is a fair train of thought as coconut trees are indeed palm trees. A coconut tree is a type of palm tree, but not all palm trees are coconut trees. There are various types of palm trees found in tropical places all over the world and in Diani. They all have different features and they all grow differently. Some grow very tall with fan-shaped leaves, while others grow their leaves as skinny-looking blades.

Coconut palms are a means of livelihood for many residents of the Coast region of Kenya.

Some of the uses of palm trees include:

1. Palm trees offer shade and create a beautiful tropical ambiance.

2. Palm oil can be obtained by crushing the kernel or squeezing the fleshy fruit. (Palm oil is a great product that is used in other food products, detergents, cosmetics, and in the biofuel industry)

3. Palm trees can produce woven materials & insulation.

4. Palm trees can produce coconuts. (Coconuts are delicacies used in various coastal dishes & drinks)

5. Palm tree trunks can be used in construction and furniture making and so much more.

Their role in creating the beach-life ambiance

Palm trees offer shade at the beach while creating a vibrant tropical ambiance. The trees define the silhouette of Diani and the Kenyan Coast would be a very different place without them. The palm trees of Diani have existed for a very long time and hopefully will still exist in the future.

These trees are indeed gems and are something special in Diani. Book your stay at a boutique beach hotel full of palm trees all over the property and the beach.


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