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Diani Beach | South Coast Kenya Travel Guide: Which Places Should You Visit?

Diani is a place of beauty and adventure. It’s located south of Mombasa on the Kenyan Coast. The weather is warm and perfect for vacationers. The sand is white and the beaches are clean in Diani Beach. Ocean waves gently rock the ocean while the sunsets are magical. Diani offers the perfect balance of relaxation, activities, experiences, and good food.

Wasini Island

A guided boat trip to Wasini Island is an experience we believe everyone visiting Diani Beach should have. Wasini Island spans 7km across and is located 3km off the Indian Ocean Coast. Visitors to the Island can observe various marine animals including humpback whales, turtles, and more.

Wasini Island is good for spotting dolphins as they swim in their natural habitat. Snorkeling is also amazing in the ocean around the Island as the water is clear and full of coral reefs and fish.

Bora Bora Nature Trail

Bora Bora Wildlife Park offers a chance to experience animals including birds, wild boars, turtles, albino rabbits, zebras, and more in addition to observation of exotic plant life.

To experience a well-organized path of woodlands with various species of palm trees we suggest that you visit and experience the nature trail in Bora Bora Wildlife Park. The park is located in Diani and it offers a unique experience of greenery observation and trees

Maasai Village in Diani

A little-known fact is that the world-famous Maasai tribe has a village in Diani. Many people believe that the only way to experience the Maasai tribe in Kenya is by traveling to the Maasai Mara.

Visit the Maasai village in Diani to interact with this tribe of warriors. Experience their culture and lifestyle including jumping, dancing, jewelry, and more. The tribesmen are very friendly and love interacting with visitors from all over the world.

Diani Town

The town of Diani is fairly small but it still presents a wide variety of activities. Diani town has a number of shopping locations including malls, supermarkets, and gift shops. You can buy some items as memorabilia or gift souvenirs for your family, friends, and loved ones. The town is easily accessible using various means and vehicles. A unique way of traversing Diani town is by using the local Tuk-tuks. These are three-wheeled vehicles that are very popular and cheap to move around in.

The local people of Diani are friendly and accommodating. You can easily find guides that will show you around and make sure you experience the best side of Diani. You can alternatively choose to explore the town by yourself as locations are distinctively marked and easy to find.

Book your stay at a boutique beach hotel in Diani.

Ocean Sand Banks

Due to ocean tides rising and falling a couple of sandbanks are often revealed right in the ocean. Sandbanks resemble small islands in the ocean made of sand. These places are mostly submerged and only revealed during the day when the tide is low. The sand on sand banks is clean and gentle to the touch. The view of the ocean from a sandbank is spectacular and unmatched.

You can experience sandbanks through guided tours in the ocean at specific times of the day. They offer a very different form of island experience.

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