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3-Day Vacation at Diani Beach | What Should You Do?

Diani is a top beach destination located on a beautiful stretch of land and white sand on the South Coast of Kenya. It is near towns like Mombasa and Malindi. Diani Beach can easily be accessed from Kenya’s capital city Nairobi and even Zanzibar in Tanzania.

Are you planning on going for a 3-day vacation to Diani Beach?

First, Diani Beach is a really good choice for different types of vacationers. Diani is ideal for romantic travels, family trips, and solo vacation experiences.

This incredible place provides a wide selection of vacation experiences. The weather in Diani is top-notch for beach and ocean activities, the hotels are spectacular & the people of Diani are kind and accommodating. Consider planning your 3-day vacation in Diani with us today.



When you first get to the beach in Diani you need to relax. This is fairly easy to do as the infrastructure and ecosystems of Diani Beach are built around relaxation. Visiting Diani Beach is a self-reward for people who want to unwind after long working days and coming off of high-stress environments.

Stay at a Beach Suite

Diani Beach provides different options for stays and accommodation. It is essential to book and stay at a place that values your comfort and privacy whilst still providing a chance to experience the best that Diani Beach offers. We would love to have you book and stay at our Beach Suite at Blue Marlin Beach Hotel. We offer various selections of rooms and suites to cater to different kinds of guests. For a guest looking to spend 3 days in Diani and experience the ultimate in Diani Beach relaxation, it doesn’t get better than our beach suite.

The ambiance at Blue Marlin is incredible. The staff is highly trained in service and coordination of luxury experiences for any of our guests. Our beach suite has plenty of space for individual guests and even more space for families. The suite has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The bedrooms at the beach suite come with extra-large beds, air conditioning, minibars plus views of the Indian Ocean.

This space provides a home-like atmosphere and easy access to the beach. The beach suite is a testament to Blue Marlin Beach Hotel's experience in luxury accommodation for over 10 years.

Experience Seafood

While in Diani it is essential to eat good food which is a pride and pillar of the coastal people of Diani Beach. Enjoy the culinary experience at Diani, especially from good restaurants with chefs that have mastery of seafood preparation. Enjoy delicacies from lobsters to prawns and even crabs.


Kitesurf on the Indian Ocean

Diani Beach specifically at Blue Marlin Beach Hotel is the home of H20 Extreme which is a premier company facilitating water sports in Diani. H2O Extreme is the leading water sports center in Kenya offering kite-surfing, windsurfing, stand-up paddling, surfing, kayaking, body boarding, and skimboarding.

The weather on the Kenyan Coast is perfect for water sports, specifically kite surfing. The Diani Beach weather provides an all-year-round tropical and warm temperature.


The Indian Ocean is home to plenty of aquatic life. The coral reefs are thriving and create a beautiful underwater atmosphere. Snorkeling in Diani is a whole different experience even for experienced snorkelers.

Spa by the Beach

In line with the theme of relaxation in Diani, having a spa experience at the beach is something special. Blue Marlin Beach Hotel offers spa treatments at very affordable rates.


Experience Coastal Culture

The culture on the Kenyan Coast is diverse and inspired by various cultures including Arabian culture, Indian culture, the local African culture, and more. The infrastructure on the Kenyan Coast is very different from any other part of the country.

Spend time with coastal dwellers and understand why they dress in the kind of attires they wear. Understand why the Kenyan Coast is home to the oldest towns in Kenya and a lot more.

Go Deep Sea Fishing

The Indian Ocean at Diani Beach is clean, turquoise, and safe for deep-sea adventures like fishing. Diani boasts thriving fish and ocean-life biodiversity. Experience deep-sea fishing in the Indian Ocean while being guided by expert deep-sea fishing professionals.

Book your stay with us today and let us help plan your experiences at Diani. The Indian Ocean at Diani offers a variety of sport fish to catch in Diani waters including Marlin (striped, black, and blue), Sailfish, Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo, Barracuda, Giant Trevally, Kingfish, and more.

Candle-lit Dinner at the Beach

Diani Beach is perfect for candle-lit dinners at the beach. Experience the views of the ocean while you dine. Listen to the ocean waves gently flowing on the beach as you enjoy an incredible meal at Diani Beach.

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