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Going on Vacation at the Kenyan Coast | Experience Diani Beach First

Why Diani Beach

The Kenyan coast is known for many incredible and stunning locations such as Watamu, Mombasa, and Lamu among others. All of these locations are good for vacations and other trips as they all offer experiences worth having. However, at the top of anyone’s vacation destination list on the Kenyan Coast should be Diani. By far, Diani blows any coastal destination out of the water with what it offers in stays, experiences, and cultural heritage.

Many things have been said about this magical place many more will still be. Simply put, Diani Beach is a vibe. The energy of the town is just different. The local Diani residents are very accommodating to guests from different parts of the world.

Is Diani Worth the Hype?

Diani Beach, ranked among the world’s best beaches, has often been described as Kenya’s best-kept secret. The beach in Diani is beautiful and safe for swimming and other ocean activities. This place is clean and well-maintained.

The ideal Diani visitor is one looking to experience something new and fresh. Diani is more than a beach destination. As popular as Diani is all around the world, it’s still fairly unexplored. Many people are always blown away but the existence of wildlife parks all across the South Coast of Kenya especially in Diani. Diani is a popular destination for both local residents as well as foreigners who travel to this place all year round.

The waters of the Indian Ocean in Diani are rich in aquatic life and coral reefs. Marine parks have been set up in different locations to conserve the ecosystem and foster growth in the population of exotic fish. The marine parks are well-maintained and open to the public. These places are great locations for diving & snorkeling and they are best accessed with glass-bottomed boats.

What makes Diani so good for vacations is the fact that the experience is always different each time you visit this place. For someone coming for the first time to Diani, a 3-day vacation would be ideal. These 3 days would encompass beach activities, relaxation, and experiencing a little bit of the coastal culture and Diani lifestyle.

Where Should You Stay in Diani

Diani Beach offers a wide array of places to stay and accommodation options. From beach villas, resorts, and hotels, Diani stands out as a traveler’s location. It’s essential to book a stay at a place that values luxury relaxation whilst still providing a chance to embrace the coastal culture in Diani.

At Blue Marlin Beach Hotel, we take priority in taking care of all our guests from vacation travelers looking to engage in activities that Diani offers, to guests traveling on business trips that seek to unwind and relax after a day of work. We understand the need of our guests to experience & access the ocean in Diani. We made it a top priority for all our rooms to have beachfront access and ocean views.

The rooms and suites at Blue Marlin Beach Hotel are fitted with world-class standard designs, furniture & fittings that are not only high quality but also embody the coastal culture. The ocean at Diani is perfect for various activities and experiences from water sports, to snorkeling, fishing, and more. Blue Marlin Beach Hotel has an incredible waterfront restaurant with breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean, locally sourced seafood, and an amazing selection of cocktails. It’s hard to beat the Diani experience at Blue Marlin. Book your stay with us, and let’s help plan your trip.


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